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foto Lidia Popa

Sono nata sotto una stella

che danzava nell’universo

“Il Valzer del Danubio blu”

e ho trovato il mio destino

pronto a concepire una sinfonia

di parole raccolte da anime

che non riescono a esprimersi,

ascoltando il deserto

dei sogni non detti.

©️Lidia Popa

I was born under a star
who danced in the universe
“The Waltz of the Blue Danube”
And I found my destiny
ready to conceive a symphony
of words collected by anime
who cannot express themselves,
listening to the desert
of unconventional dreams.
© ️Lidia Popa



Bine ai venit!


Cel ce surâde are mereu sufletul bogat.

The one who smiles always has a rich soul.

El que sonríe siempre tiene un alma rica.


Lidia Popa

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Popa 2 Cover (2)

cover anfora di cielo_001

Sufletul cuvintelor – Lidia Popa


Sintagme cu dor de trifoi- Lidia Popa



Lidia Popa- Baki Ymeri


Lidia Popa – Biography (English)

Lidia Popa was born in Romania in the municipality of Piatra Șoimului, in the county of Neamț, on 16th April, 1964. She finished her studies in Piatra Neamț, Romania with a high school diploma and other administrative courses, where she worked until she decided to emigrate to Italy. She has been living for 21 years and worked in Rome as part of the wave of intellectual emigrants since the fall of the Berlin Wall.
She wrote your first poem at her age of 7. She is a poet, essayist, storyteller, recognized in Italy and in other countries for her literary activities. She collaborates with cultural associations, literary cenacles, literary magazines and paper and online publications of Romanian, Italian and international literature. She writes in Romanian, Italian and also in other languages as an exercise in knowledge.

You have published her poems in five books in Italian are:
1. ” Point different ( to be ) ” – ed. Italian and

  1. “In the den of my thoughts ( Dacia ) ” – ed. bilingual Romanian/ Italian Aletti Editore 2016,

  2. “ Sky amphora ” – ed. bilingual Romanian/ Italian Edizioni Divinafollia 2017,

in Romania:
4. “The soul of words” ed. bilingual Romanian/ Albanian Amanda Edit Verlag 2021,

  1. ” Syntagms with longing for clover ” ed. Romanian, Editura Minela 2021.

  2. “The Voice interior ” Lidia Popa and Baki Ymeri ed. bilingual Romanian/Italian, Amanda Edit Verlag 2022.

Her poems featured in 40 literary anthologies and literary magazines on line from 2014 to 2021 in Italy, Romania, Spain, Canada, Serbia, Bangladesh, United Kingdom, Liban etc.
Her poems are translated into Italian, French, English, Spanish, Arabic, German, Bangladesh, Portuguese, Serbian. Her writings are published regularly with some magazines in Romania, Italy and abroad.
She is a promoter of Romanian, Italian and international literature, and is part of the juries of the competitions.
She translates from classical or contemporary authors who strike for the refinement and quality of their verses in the languages: Italian, Romanian, English, Spanish, French, German, stating that “it is just a writing exercise to learn and evolve as a person with love for humanity, for art, poetry and literature “.

She has been awarded starting from 2015 in some important international competitions with recognition diplomas, plaques, trophies and medals of which we remember:
*Literary Prize I Trionfi – Francesco Petrarca International Academy 2015, Italy for unpublished,
*Corona International Literary Prize 2016, Italy for publication
*Poet of Love Award, Gala of Love 2017, Italy for unpublished
*International Contemporary Poetry Prize “Club della Poesia” 2017, Italy, for publication
*Maria Cumani Quasimodo Literary Prize 2018, Italy for unpublished
*Alberoandronico Award – Non-Italian native speaker plate 2018, Italy for unpublished compilation
*Literary prize diversamente Uguali 2018, Italy for unpublished
*Salvatore Quasimodo Award 2019, Italy for publishing
*Le Rosse Pergamene Award 2019, Italy for unpublished
*International Gold Cup 2020 Literary Prize in Colombia for Poetic Art
*Universal Placa of Honor 2020 in Colombia for the contribution to universal poetry
*Stella D’Oro Universal Award 2020 in Colombia for the passion of writing
*Arpa D’Oro International Literary Prize 2020, Republic of Colombia, for poetry
*2020 César Vallejo Award conferred by the Spanish – World Writers Union (UHE) for literature,
*2021 Literary Creation Award in Colombia
*2021 Universal Art and Literature Award in Colombia
*2021 Diploma of Excellence and Universal Gold Cup in Colombia
*2021 Universal Golden Star Diploma and Medal in Colombia
*2021 International Golden Woman Leadership and Excellence Award in Colombia
* 2021 International Award for Columbia Academic Literature
* 2021 Medal of the Shakespeare Order for Literature
* 2021 UHE Golden Eagle World Award for Cultural Excellence
* 2021 Colombia International Prize for Poetry and Academic Literature
* 2021 Certificate of recognition for the Reader Day remembering the born day of the Argentina artist poet Jorje Luis Borges, San Rafael, Mendoza Argentina
* 2021Certificat of appreciation of Gujarat Sahitya Academy and Motivational Strips on the occasion of India’s 75th Independence Day in reconigtion and exhibiting literary brilliance par Global Standards
* 2021 Swami Vivekananda Changemaker Award for contribution howards nation’s development.

  • 2021 Silver Shield Award, Hispanomundial Union de Escritores, for distinguished work in favor of education, culture, art, poetry, literature and peace with social justice in the five continents.

  • 2022 Doctor Honoris Causa in Latin American Literature received by the Colombian Cultural Institution Casa Poetica Magia y Plumas for dedication and commitment to culture, with a message of peace and hope for the wisdom and wisdom of widespread and recognized work, important for future generations.

  • 2022 Rabindranath Tagore Memorial Awards for literary contributions equaling world literary and also on satisfying the criteria norms set by Motivational Strips awards and recognition committee (MSARC) and Editorial board of SIPAY Journal, Department of Culture, Government of Seychelles.

She is a
*Member of the Italian Federation of Writers (FUIS)
*Honorary member of the International Literary Society Casa Poetica Magia y Plumas Republic of Colombia,
*Member of Hispanomundial Union of Writers (Union Hispanomundial de Escritores) (UHE) and
*Vice-president UHE Romania, Mars18, 2021
*President UHE Romania, August 21, 2021
*Counselor from Italy for Suryodaya Literary Foundation Odisha India,

*Director from Italy for Alìanza Cultural Universal (ACU),
*Member Motivational Strips Oman,
a member of numerous other literary groups at the level internationally, etc.

She has been invited to attend the 40th World Congress of Poets organized by the WORLD ACADEMY OF ARTS AND CULTURE to be held in Budapest, Hungary, from 20th to 27th September, 2021.

She collaborates with some magazines: Kenavò, Jolly Roger Magazine, Vocativ, L’ombra delle parole (Italy), POEZIA – ARPE (USR), Sintagme literare, Boem@, FeedBack, eCreator, Monitorul de Poezie, Extemporal liric, Astralis, Contrast literar, Plumb (Romania), Orizont românesc (Lebanon), Poezii pentru sufletul meu (Canada), magazine Association of Romanian Writers in Austria Condeierul diasporei (Austria), Cuvânt românesc (Spania) etc.



Ciao! Benvenuti!

Lidia Popa

Awardsom, Recognitions



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